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About this Action

Resistance and dissent in former socialist Europe 1945-1989 constitutes a remarkable chapter of Europe’s recent past, which not only informs in a decisive way the identities of post-socialist societies, but has also reshaped the continent as a whole and still provides an important reference for contemporary social movements worldwide.

NEP4DISSENT believes that, after a period of growth and consolidation, this field of study and the respective domain of cultural heritage have stalled and fell short of its true significance. This state of affairs results from (1) the inheritance of Cold War-era conceptual distinctions, (2) confinement of research within national silos and (3) neglecting the problem of access to original archival sources for digitally enabled research due to both their heterogeneity and uneven investment in research infrastructures.

The main aim of NEP4DISSENT is to trigger the next discovery phase of this legacy through forging a new, reflexive approach and providing a platform for incubating networked, transnational, multidisciplinary and technology-conscious research with creative dissemination capacities.

NEP4DISSENT will create a valuable interface for communication between three communities of practice: researchers and archivists, art and cultural heritage curators and IT experts with humanities and social sciences expertise in order for future research to be technologically advanced and better disseminated. The Action will enable participant researchers to train with cutting edge digital tools, and to increase their capacities for creative dissemination through engaging in productive dialogue with art and cultural heritage curators, proposing best practices of cooperation between those three communities of practice.

Visual Identity

Here one can find the relevant logos and other graphic elements that make up the NEP4DISSENT visual identity. In all official correspondence or presentations regarding the COST Action, you are reminded to include these logos (click on each image to download):

We also have useful visual elements such as designs and templates for email signature, A4 letterhead, stamps, stickers, folders, and A5 notebooks. A recommended font family can be found here.

And don’t forget to use the NEP4DISSENT PPT template when presenting on research tied to our Action!

Rules of Engagement: Important Documents

Key documents available here, include the Annotated Rules for COST Actions, which provide binding rules for implementing COST Actions, including organisation of meetings, use of other COST networking tools, eligible expenses, reimbursement procedures etc.

Please FIRST consult these documents, and then ask  for further clarification. Our Grant Manager Gabriela Semenowicz will answer your questions concerning reimbursement and other procedures regarding meeting participation and use of COST networking tools. All other queries should be directed to the Action’s Scientific Representative Piotr Wciślik.

N4D Virtual Networking Strategy responds to the need to “remediate” scholarly communication in a digital environment due to COVID-19 restrictions.

How to Join the Action!

There are several levels on which you can choose to participate in the ongoing activities of NEP4DISSENT, depending on the location of your country’s institution.

For those in the EU and COST-cooperating states, the only requirement is that you be you are affiliated with a university (or other types of academic and research institutions) located in a country that is a participating country of the COST Action NEP4DISSENT. The list of participating countries can be found here.

In this case, you should contact the Chair of this Action, Maciej Maryl, about your interest in the group and he can put you in touch with the relevant Working Group Leader.

For those in near-neighbor countries or farther abroad, there are still many opportunities to join the regular activities of the COST Action. Our regular calls for participation in conferences, workshops, and training schools can be found on this site. If there is a specific event or publication in which you are interested, please contact Maciej Maryl, Jessie Labov, or one of the relevant Working Group Chair directly.

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