[OUT OF FUNDS] Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Scholars


MORE OPPORTUNITIES AT https://scienceforukraine.eu/

NEP4DISSENT is  proud to establish an Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Scholars. 

NEP4DISSENT is an EU-funded, international scholarly network dedicated to research on resistance and dissent in former socialist countries. Our aims and objectives are presented in this report.

We are a community of scholars from 37 countries who stand for our colleagues from Ukraine in this dark time

We call all members of our network to disseminate this call as wide as possible and as soon as possible, to allow immediate distribution of the support. 

General Eligibility:

Scholars affiliated to institutions in Ukraine (including but not limited to universities, research centres, museums, galleries, NGOs etc.) regardless of their current place of residence. 


Start of the project: as soon as possible.

End of the project: 15 April 2022* 

* by that date we finish this 5-year long networking project and we will not have more funding to distribute. 



For scholars who currently do not reside in Ukraine or plan to travel to cooperate with colleagues participating in NEP4DISSENT on topics relevant to the network, we offer the STSM travel grants.

We will be happy to facilitate contacts with hosts, please contact us at info@nep4dissent.eu.


For scholars who reside in Ukraine, we offer VM grants, to support collaboration with colleagues participating in NEP4DISSENT in a virtual setting. Examples of such collaboration include, but are not limited to: 

  • Documenting instances of dissent and resistance in Ukraine, yesterday and today, including oral histories, web-scraping, etc.
  • Digital preservation of endangered cultural assets broadly related to dissent and resistance in Ukraine, yesterday and today
  • Content preparation, including online lectures, workshops, webinars, podcasts, virtual exhibits etc.
  • Virtual mentoring schemes to support capacity building and development of new skills among young researchers and innovators


  1. Send your expression of interest (short email) to info@nep4dissent.eu, and we will assist you through the process 
  2. Create a profile at: https://e-services.cost.eu/
  3. Go to https://e-services.cost.eu/activity/grants. Click on “Apply for grant” and select “Short-Term Scientific Mission grant” or “Virtual Mobility grant”. Fill in and submit the form.


STSM travel grants offer support up to 4000 EUR, depending on the length of the stay. 

VM grants offer support up to 1500 EUR.

Grant payment will be processed after the end of the project, once the report is accepted. Reports are due in 15 days after finishing the project. 

STSMs grantees may request up to 50% pre-payment of the approved grant. This amount is subject to availability of funds and approval by the Grant Holder Institution.

NEP4DISSENT award committee reserves the right to modify the requested amount in the light of general demand and availability of funds. 

Conditions set in this call follow the COST Association guidelines described in ANNEX 2 of the Annotated Rules for Cost Actions (ARCA).  In case of discrepancies, the ARCA shall be decisive.

All queries and expressions of interests should be sent to:  info@nep4dissent.eu.

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