[NEW DATE] Workshop “Digital Storytelling as a New Form of Conveying Information”

November 26, 2020

NEP4DISSENT cordially invites participants for the workshop:

Digital Storytelling as a new form of conveying information

26 November 2020 at 11:00 CET, via Zoom. The link and password will be provided to registered participants. PLEASE REGISTER HERE.

Due to the change of date, please re-register if you have done it already. Sorry for the inconvenience!


The workshop is organized by Selma Rizvic, Sarajevo Graphics Group, University of Sarajevo.

The internet era is characterized by the information presented in form of hypertext, short videos or multimedia. The content is available on demand and the attention span of the viewers is very short. This can present challenges for presenting complex or contentious historical and cultural material, such as the records of dissent, as people are less inclined toward reading and may only skim through publications online. We can not fight against this approach, but we can offer important information in a form adjusted to the new media. That is digital storytelling.

Sarajevo Graphics Group is a research laboratory from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the last 15 years, they are developing new methods of interactive digital storytelling. These methods are implemented in virtual cultural heritage applications, but they can be applied to any informatization visualization.

This workshop will offer an overview of digital storytelling basics, guidelines for information presentation and several case studies selected among many projects they implemented in recent years.

Participants will join a conversation via Zoom that will include a presentation by the Sarajevo Graphics Group leader, Prof. Dr Selma Rizvić and several video trailers of selected projects. After they can take part in the discussion of how digital storytelling can be applied to presenting information about various topics and what kind of knowledge and skills are needed.

This workshop has no limits to the number of participants. It will take about 1 hour with the possibility of staying “after class.” PLEASE REGISTER HERE.


November 26, 2020


Selma Rizvic



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