New volume published on left feminist theory and historiography

Left Feminist Theory and Historiography 
Contradictions/Kontradikce, Volume 4, 2020, Issue 1-2.
The texts published in this double issue of Contradictions draw on two major sources of inspiration. The first is contemporary feminist left theory, which thematises the articulation of the capitalist mode of production in liberal democracies, with an emphasis on the contradictions that this articulation creates. A major source of inspiration is historiographic, and part of what this involves is research on the gender regimes of state-socialist societies, their gender culture, and Marxist theory of the period, which took part in in the establishment of these regimes but also criticised them.
The delayed lunch of the double issue took part in Prague on October 6, 2021. In the discussion, Zsófia Lóránd, Zuzana Maďarová, Jan Mervart, and Michaela Pokutová participated. The debate was chaired by Ľubica Kobová, the editor of the double issue.
The publishing of this volume was supported by the NEP4DISSENT is a COST Action (CA 16213).


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