Barbara J. Falk

Barbara J. Falk is Professor, Department of Defence Studies at the Canadian Forces College/Royal Military College of Canada, and author of 'The Dilemmas of Dissidence: Citizen Intellectuals and Philosopher Kings' (2003) and 'Political Trials: Causes and Categories' (2008). Her primary research interest is political trials, particularly in the persecution and prosecution of domestic dissent at times of international conflict. She has written and published in the areas of comparative dissent (particularly the life and work of Václav Havel), political trials, national security law and policy, and new threats and social resilience. She is currently writing a book on comparative political trials across the East-West divide during the early Cold War, examining the Rajk, Slánský, Dennis and Rosenberg trials. Prior to her academic career, she worked in the both the private and public sectors in human resources, labour relations and women’s issues.
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