cultural historian and slavist, PhD in slavistics 1992, since 2004 professor in East and Central European Studies and director for the Centre for European Studies, Lund University, Sweden; specialises in cultural studies, cultural historyand memory studies focusing on studies of identities, symbols, collective memory and nationalism, memory and cultural heritage and the processe sof Europeanization. ; published 21 edited and 2 single authored books and many articles and book chapters on these topics in English, Swedish, Polish and German; the editor in chief of “Slavica Lundensia“ and member of the editorial board of the journals “Baltic Worlds“ and “Bialoruskie Zeszyty Historyczne”; participated in several international research projects such as “Language and Nationalism in Europe”, (1994-1996), Intelligentsia as a Bearer of Social Values in Russia and Poland, Lund - Warszawa – Moscow (1997-2002), Meanings of Europe in National Discourses (2002-2003), leader of the Nordic research network Towards A Common Past? Conflicting Memories in Europe (2009-2011); the leader of the European research network” In Search for Transcultural Memory in Europe”, financed by COST/EU (2012-2016). Her latest publication: "The Twentieth Century in European Memory," 2017; Leiden: Brill , edited together with T. Andersen Sindbaek .
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