Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw
Warsaw (PL)
Assoc. prof. Jerzy Kandziora PhD - Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences. His main scientific interests are: history of Polish contemporary literature, independent editorial movement under the communist regime, literary documentation. His research interests focus on authors and literary phenomena entirely or partially burdened by an experience of the totalitarian system, settling accounts with the discussed system; authors, whose works require familiarity with the political contexts of post-war communism in Poland in order to be fully understood. Author of monographs: Zmęczeni fabułą. (Narracje osobiste w prozie po 1976 roku) [Tired by Fiction], Wrocław 1993; Ocalony w gmachu wiersza. O poezji Stanisława Barańczaka [Saved in the Edifice of the Poem], Warszawa 2007, Poeta w labiryncie historii. Studia o pisarskich rolach Jerzego Ficowskiego [A Poet in the Labyrinth of History], Gdańsk 2017. Editorial and bibliographic works: [co-editors: Zyta Szymańska, Krystyna Tokarzówna] Bez cenzury 1976-1989. Literatura - ruch wydawniczy - teatr. Bibliografia [No Censorship 1976-1989], Warszawa 1999. Author of many entries in Polska Bibliografia Literacka [Polish Literary Bibliography].
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