Ms Mădălina Brașoveanu

New Europe College
Bucharest (RO)
2012-present: Doctoral student, Faculty of Art History and Theory, National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania, coordinated by Prof. Univ. Dr. Anca Oroveanu. Doctoral research subject: nonconventional art practice within micro-communities of visual artists in Oradea and Târgu-Mureș from late 1970s and 1980s (Young Artists' Organization / Atelier 35 Oradea and MAMŰ Group in Târgu-Mureș).2015-2016: Member in the research team of the project “Pluralisation of the Public Sphere. The Art Exhibitions in Romania between 1968 and 1989”, supported with a grant offered by UEFISCDI.2012-2015: Doctoral research supported by Plan B Foundation, Romania.2011-2012: Fellow of New Europe College in Bucharest, within the GE-NEC Program for the study of art in Romania 1945 – 2000. Recent publications:"Mail Art Diary. Brief Account Concerning an Exhibition Project", at ”The Alternative Dimension of the Exhibitions: Dialog, 1981, Oradea, Medium, 1981, Sfântu Gheorghe”, in (In)Visible Frames. Rhetorics and Exhibition Practices in Romania 1965 – 1989, Cristian Nae (coord.), Editura Idea, Cluj, 2017.”Spaces for socializing and artistic interventions within Young Artists’ Organization from Oradea”, in Art in Romania between 1945 – 2000. An Analisys from the Present, Călin Dan, Iosif Kiraly, Anca Oroveanu, Magda Radu (coord.), New Europe College, Editura UNArte, MNAC, Bucharest 2016 (in Romanian)
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