PhD in Humanities, senior researcher at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, assistant professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. I was awarded scholarships for the research visits to EHESS, Descartes University, China Academy of Art. Cultural scholar, art historian and critic. I graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts; in 2005 I defended PhD thesis dedicated to art research of Jurgis Baltrušaitis and published a book on his innovative works. I have devoted my articles to comparative cultural history, cultural memory, visual culture and art. My book on the expression of memory in contemporary visual culture "Trajectories of Memory and Glance: A Reflection on Visual Culture" was published recently in Lithuania. I’m a member of editorial boards of Lithuanian peer-reviewed scientific journals and volumes "Lithuanian Culture Studies", "East-West: Comparative Studies". My research interests cover visual culture, cultural memory, cultural history, alternative cultural, counterculture, orientalist movement, art theory and critics.
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