University of Arts in Belgrade
Belgrade (RS)
Ksenija Radulović: graduated from the Department of Dramaturgy, received an MA and PhD in Theatre Studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (University of Arts in Belgrade); and is Assistant Professor at the FDA, teaching The History of Theatre and Drama. She was Director of the Museum of Theatre Arts of Serbia (2001 - 2012) and editor-in-chief of the journal Teatron (2001-2011). Artistic Director and selector of Sterijino pozorje festival (2010-2012), which is the leading national theatre festival. Curator of Serbia focus programme - New drama festival in Bratislava (2009). Selector of Show case – Bitef (Belgrade International Teather Festival, 2007). She has published articles in domestic and international framework. Her research interests are on drama, theatre studies, new museology, and the fields of expertise: directing/redefining classics and re-interpreting classical texts. The author of the book A step ahead about contemporary directing. She received Sterija Award for theatre criticism.
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