Uniwersytet Wrocławski / University of Wrocław
Wrocław (PL)
I'm a graduate of Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Management (1985) and University of Wrocław, Faculty of Philology (1989). I received my PhD from the University of Lausanne (1996) and completed my habilitation in 2002 at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Modern Languages. In 2012 I became full professor. I'm a fellow of the Humboldt Foundation. I'm the author of three books and over a hundred scholarly articles. My interests include the study of language, information and communication, including corpus linguistics, information management, the problems of Polish and EU language policy and quantitative methods issues from the frontiers of science and humanities. I'm employed at the Institute of Information and Library Science, University of Wroclaw (Poland).
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