I took a degree of Bachelor of Tourism Studies in 1996 and Master of Science in International Tourism in 2001 from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality - Ohrid at St. Clement Ohridski University - Bitola, Macedonia. I also achieved the best student award from this University. I took my PhD degree in Economics in 2010 at St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently I am holding the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Toursim and Business Logistics at Goce Delcev University - Stip, Macedonia. My research interest include multifaceted relationship between heritage, culture and tourism. This being the case, research on the manner in which memory of cultural dissent has been constructed after the fall of Socialism, being one of the Action’s main aims, fits within my research topics. Currently I am involved in two research projects: the first is titled ‘Motivations for preserving others’ cultural assets: Jews heritage sites in Macedonia’ (which explores the possibilities for developing Jewish heritage tourism); and the second is titled ‘Ottoman heritage routes in Macedonia’ (which investigates the arranged tourism routes based on cultural heritage dating from the Ottoman period). Possessing an expertise on cultural memory, which is relevant for the Action, I feel that I can contribute to the Action’s aim in researching cultures of dissent.
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