National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (MNAC)
Bucharest (RO)
Magda Predescu works as a scientific researcher in the Documentation&Digital Memory Department of the National Museum of Contemporary Art. She is a member of AICA Romania and AICA International. She collaborated as a researcher in projects such as the Contemporary Visual Art Conservation Platform, UNArte, 2013; The Sculpture Camps in relationship with Romanian Public Art, MNAC, 2012; Arts in Romania between 1945 and 2000, New Europe College, Bucharest, 2009-2010, 2012-2013. She delivered several lectures as part of the colloquia Texts and statements by artists from North Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe during the Cold War, IISMM/EHESS, Paris, 2015; The Living Archive – About the Donation of Art Historian Barbu Brezianu (1909-2008), „George Oprescu” Art History Institute, 2010; L’art et l’Europe Communiste, 1945-1989. Pour une Histoire Transnationale, Marc Bloch Center, Berlin, 2009. She published in the collective volumes Enchanting Views. Romanian Black Sea Tourism. Planning and Architecture of the 1960s and 70s (2015), After Brancusi. Proceedings of the International Conference organized in the frame of the project ‚The Saint of Montparnasse’ from Document to Myth. A Century of Constantin Brancusi Scholarship (2014) and in magazines such as Arta, Revue Roumaine d’Histoire de l’Art, SCIA.
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