Konstantinos (Kosta) Giakoumis is Associate Professor of History and Art History at the Department of Applied Arts of the European University of Tirana, Albania. He is a Ph.D. holder from the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Studies, the University of Birmingham and he specializes in social, cultural, economic and political history of the Balkans from the middle Byzantine period to the late Ottoman period, with an emphasis on the West Balkans. His interest in the communist period of Albania was initiated in the frame of comparative studies looking at continuities and diversities of institutions and continued in the use of education for the constructional of a national-socialist identity. As a lead researcher of a project titled "Contestation, Conflict, Normative Frames and their Reflections in Cultural Heritage in the Balkans," he is currently engaged in a project looking at the institution of voluntary work and "free time" in communist Albania.
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