"Tatiana Vagramenko is a post-doctoral researcher at Study of Religions Department, University College Cork, Ireland. She completed her PhD in Anthropology at Maynooth University. Tatiana is also an affiliated researcher at the Centre of Arctic and Siberian Exploration, Institute for Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences; and Grup d’Estudis sobre Cultures Indígenes i Afroamericanes, University of Barcelona. Her research interests lie in the area of anthropology of Christianity and postsocialism, including religion and resistance to power, religious fundamentalism and secularism, ethnic and religious minorities in Russia and Ukraine. Based on a lengthy field experience, her work focuses on the politicization of religion in post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine, and the legacy of Soviet religious dissent and religious minorities’ resistance to authoritarian regime in postsocialist societies. Tatiana’s current project “Religious Minorities in Ukraine from the Soviet Underground to the Euromaidan: Pathways to Religious Freedom and Pluralism in Enlarging Europe”, funded by the Irish Research Council, dwells upon historical materials from recently opened archives of the Soviet security services in Ukraine and the ethnography of the Maidan Revolution."
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