Volda University College
Volda (NO)
Thomas Lewe is Associate Professor at the faculty of media and journalism at Volda University College, Norway. He teaches Strategic and Editorial Design and is educated in Graphic Design from the University of applied Sciences in Münster, Germany and from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway. He has conducted a series of three workshops in Lodz, Polen - dealing with the (visual) communication of sensitive and difficult topics like the holocaust to a younger audience. He has also been involved in different exhibitions related to the cold war like the ICAN Conference in Oslo 2013, the Media and The Cold War Conference in Volda, Norway 2014 - working with the exhibitions related to the conferences. Recent projects: Common Paper with colleague Kjetil V. Øie at Cumulus Conference in Paris 2018: Rethinking Memory Culture, and working on summer 2019 exhibition about students workshop series in Lodz, Poland. Focus in COST ACTION network: The jewish communities in Eastern Europe, creative approaches and expressions among the repressed jewish citizens - either they emigrated or stayed in their countries. Both exhibitions, creative events but also personal stories and visualisations are in the scope his interest.
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