Volda University College
Volda (NO)
Rolf Werenskjold is Associate Professor on the Faculty of Media and Journalism at Volda University College, Norway. He teaches Media Studies and Media History. He received his doctorate in Media Studies and Journalism from the Department of Media and Communication at Oslo University, Norway. He is a historian and media scholar who has published several studies on media and protests during the year 1968, on Media and 1968 in East Europe, modern American history, Norwegian media and the Spanish Civil War, and Norwegian foreign news journalism during the Cold War. His latest book is The Nordic Media and the Cold War (2015), which he edited with Henrik G. Bastiansen. He is a member of the Norwegian National Board of Media Studies. He has been member of several international research networks: 2010-d.d.: Nuclear Crisis project: International network for interdisciplinary studies of the Cold War 1975-1990. 2006-2010: European Protest Movements since the Cold War: The Rise of a (Trans-) national Civil Society and the Transformation of the Public Sphere. Marie Curie Conference and Workshop Series (SCF) Supported by the European Union. 2006-2010: The Interdisciplinary Research Forum on Protest Movements, Activism and Social Dissent (Interdisziplinäres Forschungskolloquium Protest¬bewegungen) IFK.
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