University of Malta
Valletta (MT)
I have started my academic career by studying Cultural Heritage at the University of Malta, which then continued to another degree in the Science of Cultural Heritage and Engineering Techniques in Perugia, Italy. After this I specialised in 3D Visualisation, Media and Engineering Techniques for Cultural Heritage Sciences at the University of Bristol, U.K. Following that I have gained work experience in Engineering Techniques and project leading and execution for Heritage research, in Florence, Italy, after which I did a PhD in ArchaeoEngineering and 3D Visualisation for Archaeological research, which went viral in Malta and had an international impact. I passed this without corrections and earned the Europaeus title. Following my PhD, I have been lecturing and researching at the University of Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, where I lecture mostly Engineering Design, 3D modelling, Robotics, Reverse Engineering, Data Mining Visualisation and Research Methods. I research and lead a project on the Megalithic stones used for the local temple construction, to search for hypotheses on their provenance and to predict their survival in the coming years.I have also done work for Heritage archives for artistic exhibitions and the Malta Tourism Authority to commemorate the George Cross, representing digitally historic artefacts that were key to Malta's history celebrating the war victory.I'm a very dynamic, enthusiastic and an approachable person.
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